Copyright Info: Title 17 of the United States Code provides specific legal rights to the author of a photograph concerning the use and replication of said image. Simply stated, our photographs are considered intellectual creations that only we have the right to produce or reproduce. The making of photocopies or any other re-creation of our images without our written permission is considered theft and is subject to criminal and civil penalties according to Federal Law. The Backstage Studio encourages you to approach us with your needs, as it allows us to better serve you. We will be reasonable in accommodating requests, but we will not tolerate theft
Scheduling a Photo Session: Which Session is right for you? There are certain advantages to each of our sessions, and one for each individual personality. Check out our SESSIONS page to see which one best suits your needs. At the time you schedule, we will take a credit card number to hold the appointment. This tells us that you are as dedicated to your time as we are. If you do need to reschedule, please do so at least 24 hours in advance. A missed appointment will be charged to your credit card, and a reschedule with fewer than 24 hour notices is subject to a $30 reschedule fee.
The Day of Your Session: Certain things never go out of style: solid colors, good grooming, and a well-rested appearance. Keep these in mind when preparing. We'll do traditional as well as contemporary styles of portraiture for the greatest variety in each session. We will schedule an appointment for you to return and view your portraits, usually with a week.
Decisions, Decisions:When you return, we will show you a digital show of your session images and discuss with you your favorites and ours. The DVD is available for purchase in addition to any portrait package.
Payments: We require a 50% nonrefundable down-payment at the time of ordering, and a credit card to be kept on file. The balance is due when your package is ready, and your card will not be charged unless you so desire or if 90 days have elapsed from the date the package was ready.